Sunday, June 24, 2007

Quick and Easy Blogging Widget for MAC

Now this is neat.  I just found out that Google has actuallly made three widgets for the MAC OSX dashboard.

In fact, all it has you do is sign in once, and from then on you can easily post to your blog while in dashboard.

This is a "beta" test of the project.  I'll post this and then we'll se how well it works.  Let me know what you think!


Monday, June 4, 2007

Rampaging Teachers Demolish Science Lab!

Thank God I listened to the inner voice this morning that told me to take my digital camera to work with me today! I'm soo glad I didn't miss this!

No, don't worry, there were no rampaging teachers demolishing science labs going on today that I know about... What did happen is that the termite eaten science lab cabinets at school were being removed and disposed of. In order to get all the pieces to fit in the truck, the cabinets needed to be "taken apart."

I still know of no better way to do that (not to mention blow off some post-finals steam) than to remove each cabinet drawer individually and drop it down to the truck in a high velocity and gratifying - err gravity defying way.

What good is a story like this without pictures?!?! (Sorry about the movie... it's perfectly fine if you tilt your head a little... Next time I'll know better.)


p.s. And oh yes... That is the school Vice Principal/Dean of Discipline you see caught in the act!

Classroom Demolition from Sean Connors on Vimeo

For more pictures, check out the following link to my Picasa Web Album.

Sunday, June 3, 2007

The last days of Taco Bell

Today I just finished off the last Taco Bell Crunchy Taco I will eat for the next 7 months. Tomorrow is D-Day for Primo Bloggo. D-Day as in Diet Day. Tomorrow I start a new diet and health regimen designed to get me back to a place where I feel more comfortable.

I'm not going on a diet to look better, get skinnier, or loose weight. Those might be some of the side effects, but in reality, I just want to "feel" better.

I ran the Honolulu Marathon in 2004. I did it in a little over 5 hours. Don't believe me? Google it, I'm sure it's still there. When I ran the marathon, I was in the best shape of my life. My blood pressure, resting heart rate, and yes... my body weight were at a place I was very happy with. Since then, I've put back on the 40+ lbs. that I had lost while training. I simply don't "feel" as good as I know I can.

Honestly, I don't have the time or dedication to begin the "hard core" marathon training I did in 2004. What I can do, however, is some simple life changes to bring my health back under control.

So here we go! Primo Bloggo's 5 Fit Tips for Feeling... err... Fit!

1. No consumption of sugar based foods.

This means, no more cream buns from Lee's Bakery. No more Liliha Bakery CoCo puffs. No more $.99 chocolate value shakes from Burger King. No more... No More!

2. The only liquids to be consumed will be water and milk.

Good by Dr. Pepper, Root Beer, and yes, beer.

3. Ixnaye on the Fast Food-aye.

Taco Bell, Papa John's, Micky D's, BK, you know who I'm talking about.

4. 30 mins. of exercise daily.

Step it up. Ok, I can handle that. Walking, Jogging, Winsor Pilates... No excuses!

5. I will not use the elevator.

Going up or going down... No longer will I put my life in jeopardy for a moment or two of saved time. In fact, as I found out today, taking the stairs (in some cases) is faster anyways... Thank God I only live on the 4th floor!

So there you have it. Just a few minor changes that will hopefully begin to produce a better "feeling" me. What are you doing to "feel" better?

Crab Fest 2007

Last night Kiki and I met her family at Kapiolani Community College for an all-you-can-eat crabfest. The crabfest was put on by the Ala Moana Rotary Club and the Kapiolani Community College's Ka `Ikena Staff.

I've never been to a crabfest before and wasn't exactly sure what to expect. Let me tell you, the food was good, but the best part was crackin open the crab and rippen it apart! They also served side dishes like clam chowder, edamame, corn on the cob, salad, and potatoes. The Ka `Ikena staff did a great job preparing the food and the Rotarians kept walking around with clean trays to pick up the shells we had discarded.

In addition to the crab, there was a silent and live auction with some pretty incredible stuff, for example they auctioned of a set of Nike Sasquatch drivers, watches, a week-long stay in an Irish cottage, really expensive wines, and a beautiful Hawaiian quilt valued at $3000!

They had entertainment by the a local band and performances by some of the contestents for the Ms. Hawaii pagent. The most exciting part of the night would have to be the moment in time where I lost an intense battle with a crab (#2 of 5) and ended up puncturing my right palm with a nasty gash.

Hopefully, they make good a promise to have a clam bake/lobster fest next year! aaaahhhh...

Adventures in Chinatown!

This morning, after mass, Kiki and I went down to Chinatown in Honolulu to find some breakfast. Last week she had picked up some pastries from a well known bakery on King Street called Lee's.

Let me tell you now... Get there early or you'll miss out on all the incredible selection they have. Lee's is popular for it's excellent baked goods and super competitive prices. This is a picture of the cream bun (my fav.) that's nearly 7 inches long, filled with light sweet cream, and goes for only $1.00! A quick walk around to other bakeries will show you smaller and more expensive versions of this pastry.

Save yourself the trouble...

Go strait to Lee's. Get a cream bun, hot dog bun, hong kong bun... what ever you want! When you're done, go get a Thai Iced Tea (we'll save that for another day!)


Link to Google Map showing Lee's Bakery Location

Link to Honolulu Advertiser article featuring Lee's

Jott: My Personal Secretary

This is just the thing for me. I'm constantly getting these great ideas in places and at times when I don't have a pen and paper to write things down or when I'm away from my computer. Jott takes care of all that now. Now I can call Jott, leave myself a messages, and Jott transcribes it and sends me an email with the text! Thanks to Vicki Davis I now have an easy way to get my ideas to myself in a way that works for me. Check out the website for more information and to sign up for an account...

And oh by the way... Did I mention it's free! (Well, it's still gonna cost you the minutes on your cell phone to call... but I got plenty of those!)

Here's what Vikci had to say about it that caught my eye...

Ok, I'm trying a really cool new service called jott. It lets me call a phone number and talk -- I tell it who to send the e-mail to and record a phone message -- it turns it into an e-mail and sends it. So you can send an e-mail or send a note to yourself about something. You can even hook it up with anything that uses an e-mail to post (like a blog) and blog by talking into your cell phone.
You can follow this link to read the rest of her article.

Saturday, June 2, 2007

This must have taken some planning...

I've seen it posted at a couple of websites and have laughed and sang along more times than I care to admit. Hopefully you'll enjoy this clip as well. Maybe it will even inspire you to do something totally crazy, fun and inspirational! So without further ado...

Lip Dub - Flagpole Sitta by Harvey Danger from amandalynferri on Vimeo